What are Lists?

A “List” is a list of words that Find searches for simultaneously. The words that a list contains are called Words to Find.

When you first install Find, 2 pre-made lists are at your disposal:

Example: You make a list, called “Nature”. It contains the following words:

Now, when you use this list, Find will search for “Tree”, “Rock”, “Fish”, and “Stick” at the same time.

Making your list

  1. Start at the home screen of Find.
  2. Tap the menu button (The 3x3 dot grid), and then tap the Lists button
  3. Press the button
  4. The List Builder will appear! Add a name, description, and some words

Customizing your list

Changing the icon

  1. Tap Icon
  2. Select an icon  

Changing the color

  1. Tap Color
  2. Select any color that you want. A color will help you organize you lists better, as well as find them faster.

Tip: When you use the list, your selected color will be the highlight color of search results.

Using your list

In Find, you can search for text either:

In both places, your lists appear above your keyboard, like this:


To use one, simply tap on the list.

To remove it, just tap on the newly added list.


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