Photos Controls

Find: () Tap to find in the selected photo(s). If the photo is cached, search results will appear immediately. If not, you must press the search button on the keyboard to view results (An OCR search will be performed).

Heart: () Tap to heart a photo, or unheart if it’s already hearted. Hearting doesn’t do anything except ad a pink tint (and a heart icon!) on the photo, making it easier to spot.

Cache: () Tap to cache the selected photo(s). Caching will perform a Deep OCR search, which will take anywhere from a few seconds to a minute. Once a photo is cached, search results will appear immediately when you search in the photo. More on caching here.

Delete: () Tap delete to delete the photo and its cache. This can’t be undone.

Help: () Tap help to get help, which is what you did if you’re seeing this!

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